Listing Inspections

Real Estate Professionals,  Protect Yourself
Home Inspections, once believed to be an unnecessary extravagance, have in recent years become an invaluable asset to real estate agents, home sellers, home buyers, mortgagers and real estate attorneys alike. Seller Disclosure Statements and dozens of other legal documents are designed to protect the buyer, the mortgager and title company, often the realtor winds up unprotected.  There are a hundred things that can disrupt a sale, not the least of which is a deficiency in the home you are representing.  I can help you with a pre-listing inspection.
Many homeowners donít know there is something wrong with their home and fail to disclose the deficient conditions.  Sure enough a potential buyer has an inspection and a problem is found and a solid deal is suddenly shaky.  A prelisting inspection can help the seller in pricing his home competitively. Having a prelisting inspection may allow a buyer to feel comfortable enough to waive the inspection contingency on an offer.
The advantages of a prelisting inspection are many
  • Helps to protect you and your client
  • Home may sell faster
  • Home may sell for more money  
  • Fewer buyers walking away because there may be a problem with the house
  • Less 11th-hour re-negotiations based on the inspector's findings
  • Limit  helpless feelings that an inspector has raised an issue that is not a big problem
  • Fewer buyers getting cold feet when they find out the home is not perfect
  • No more buyers walking away because they don't have time for an inspection
  • Smaller parade of inspectors through your home before a multiple-offer situation
  • You choose the inspector based on reputation and credentials
  • You resolve any differences of opinion about the house before it goes on the market
  • You fix any conditions identified (if you choose to) or simply reflect them in the listing price.
  • Alleviate your clientís fear
  • Eases buyerís remorse
  • Helps your clients and buyers understand systems in their home and their current condition
  • Offers information on life expectancy of major components
  • Offers maintenance and repair tips to seller and the buyer
  • Helps the buyer budget for the future
  • Reinforces key selling points and find new reasons for your lookers to buy
  • Focuses on the comfort and safety of the homeowner and their family
  • Suggests ideas to maximize family safety and comfort

When your client purchases a home inspection from AccuSpect, they sign a waiver indemnifying you from liability related to the home inspection; itís a standard part of our contract.  Protect your client and protect yourself, use AccuSpect for all your home inspection needs. I can be reached at   (734) 678-0975
Successful Closings and Commissions,
Dale Raines, president
AccuSpect home inspection company