Client Testimonials

Dear Mr. Raines:
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a thorough, complete, and conscientious job. Your professionalism, along with the detailed information you provided was very valuable to me and my family. We were able to finalize everything on a timely basis, and for less than expected.

I will be calling you in the near future for a pre-listing inspection on a house that just went into probate. It needs a check-up, some minor repairs and sprucing up prior to listing with our realtor.

In closing, I would like to remark that it has been a pleasure working with someone so proficient and dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. I most definitely look forward to a working with you again.

E. Beaufort, Gibraltar

Thanks for helping us with our new home purchase. I know the house is 70 years old, but it is new to us. The information you gave us has been very helpful in budgeting and planning for fixing and upgrading the house. Mary has big plans for this place.

Mary and I have been busy fixing up the little things and getting the home maintenance on track. Thanks for answering all those questions when I was refinishing the hardwood floors. It helped me a lot. And you were right about that concrete guy, he was way too expensive.

Thanks for calling today and asking if Id give you a reference. Wed refer you any day. If theres anyway I can help you out. Give me a call. Better yet, have anyone who needs to call me.

M. Richmond, Lincoln Park